15 Mar 2015 4th Int’l Expert Symposium in Fukushima convened

On March 15, 2015, the Fourth International Expert Symposium in Fukushima, 〜 Fukushima Health Management Survey and Residents’ Security and Safety: Four Years after the Fukushima NPP Accident〜 was held at Fukushima View Hotel, organized by Fukushima Medical University in cooperation with Fukushima Prefecture, ICRP, the Nippon Foundation, Nagasaki University, Hiroshima University and Sendai Committee for the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. The symposium gathered expert speakers from Fukushima Medical University as well as from East Asia and Chernobyl-related countries. Mr. Uchibori, governor of Fukushima opened the session by giving a special lecture, titled “Toward the Reconstruction of Fukushima.” He explained how the Fukushima government is responding to each issue which happened after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident. This was followed by the keynote lecture of ICRP scientific secretary, Mr. Clement. The symposium was synchronized with “The United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction” held in Sendai City, 25 minutes by bullet train from Fukushima.


1. Abstracts
2. Presentation Handouts

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1 9:00 Opening Remark
2 Special Lecture
9:10 Toward the Reconstruction of Fukushima
Governor of Fukushima Masao UCHIBORI
3 Special Lecture
 9:40 ICRP activities in Fukushima and promotion of Radiological Protection Culture
4 The situation of Fukushima Health Management Survey and Activities for the reconstruction of Fukushima
Chairmen;Masafumi ABE, Hitoshi OHTO
(1) 10:10 “Change in health status after the Great East Japan Earthquake: the Fukushima Health Management Survey”
Fukushima Medical University Seiji YASUMURA
(2) 10:40 FMU Thyroid Ultrasound Surveys in Fukushima Prefecture following the TEPCO-Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
Fukushima Medical University Shinichi SUZUKI
(3) 11:00 Psychological consequences of the Fukushima disaster: 3-year follow-up survey
Fukushima Medical University Masaharu MAEDA
(4) 11:30 Yorozu Health Consultation Project
Fukushima Medical University Makoto MIYAZAKI
(5) 11:50 Report of Psychiatric Intervention in Minami-soma City
FMU/Hibarigaoka Hospital Arinobu HORI
(6) 12:10 Communicating Radiation Risk to the Population of Fukushima
Nagasaki University Noboru TAKAMURA
5 Radiological Protection and preparedness to Radiological or Nuclear accident of East-Asia coutries and Ex-Soviet countries
Chairmen: Akira OHTSURU, Kenneth NOLLET
(1) 13:30 Lessons from Fukushima: Viewpoint of a front line physician
Fukushima Medical Univ. Arifumi HASEGAWA
(2) 14:00 National Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response System in Korea
Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Science Seung-Sook LEE
(3) 14:30 Taiwanese Radiological Protection: How Taiwan address a nuclear accident if it happened
Taipei Veterns General Hospital, Taiwan Yen Chia CHEN
(4) 15:00 The Norwegian Experience
Norwegian University of Life Science Deborah OUGHTON
(5) 15:30 Radiological Protection and Preparedness to Radiological or Nuclear accident in the Republic of Belarus
Nagasaki University Tatiana ROGOUNOVITCH
(6) 16:00 Radiation Protection and Health Effects of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant Staff during Decommissioning and Construction of a New Safe Confinement
National Research Center for Radiation Medicine, Ukraine Dmytri BAZYKA
6 16:50-17:50  Discussion
4 years after the nuclear accident;Challenges and Lessons
Chairmen: Shunichi YAMASHITA, Chris CLEMENT
Discussants: Speakers and Invitees

Speakers discussed how we can utilize the results of Fukushima Health Management Survey and the necessity of disaster prevention plan considering reduction of risks after the accident.