Tomoko Komazawa

Liaison Officer

Tomoko Komazawa attended Hokkaido University, where she used X-ray analysis to study properties of matter in the Department of Physics.  After working as a systems analyst for a software company, she joined the Japanese Red Cross Hokkaido Blood Center to develop a computer system for its operations.  Her responsibilities expanded to include English-related issues including organizing various domestic and international scientific meetings, welcoming visitors from abroad, and organizing education and development programs, mainly for Red Cross trainees from other countries.  Kenneth Nollet was among the international speakers hosted by the JRC Hokkaido Blood Center during Tomoko’s tenure there.  Now at FMU, he asked her to exchange a peaceful retirement in Saitama for the task of communicating accurate information about Fukushima to the wider world.  Tomoko enjoys translating articles on Fukushima and organizing meetings, which she believes will enhance global understanding of our post-3.11 progress.