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Kenneth E. Nollet, MD, PhD, FCAP


Kenneth E. Nollet, MD, PhD, FCAP

nolletKenneth Nollet earned MD and PhD degrees from the Mayo Clinic, and stayed at Mayo to specialize in pathology and transfusion medicine. After Mayo, he joined the American Red Cross in St. Paul. There, he also served as blood bank medical director of the Minneapolis Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center and became an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Paul Holland invited Nollet to be an associate medical director at BloodSource, a position held until Dr. Holland’s retirement. Thereafter, Dr. Nollet was recruited to be the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s National Medical Education Program Manager and work as a transfusion medicine specialist in Queensland.

By invitation of Professor Hitoshi Ohto, Nollet joined Fukushima Medical University’s Department of Blood Transfusion and Transplantation Immunology in 2008. Contrary to evacuation advice given to American citizens after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Dr. Nollet stayed at Fukushima Medical University to participate in disaster relief and, for the long term, Fukushima Prefecture’s revitalization.

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