Our daily life(April 2018)

These pictures of cherry blossom are typical of spring in Fukushima
People who live here or visit look forward to this time of year.
Fukushima draws people from outside the prefecture, and even international tourists come to enjoy our cherry blossoms.

Hanamiyama, literally, Flower-Viewing Mountain

Takizakura in Miharu Town

Takizakura (literally, Waterfall Cherry Tree) in Miharu Town

These pictures ware taken by Dr.Lyamzina near FMU.

Of course it is not only cherry blossoms, but also, narcissuses that let us know spring is here by showing us their bright yellow color along streets, in the mountains, and everywhere.

Our daily life ( March 2018)

It’s not so cold in Fukushima these days.
Yellow flowers make us notice that spring is just around the corner.

However, Azuma-kofuji, a small version of Mt. Fuji in Fukushima, still has a snow-capped peak.

Swans enjoy a restful winter in our Matsukawa River, but now they are getting ready say farewell to us.

They will fly north soon.