13 Sep 2012 Kamedo Delegation visited FMU

Kamedo Delegation (members of the National Board of Health and Welfare and the staff of the Embassy of Sweden) visited FMU. Dr. Munakata (President of the FMU Hospital), Dr. Yamashita (Vice President of FMU) and Mr. Fujishima (Secretary General) made presentations on the FMU’s response to the disaster and on the Fukushima Health Management Survey.
◾’FMU after 3.11′ by Dr. Munakata

◾’Fukushima Health Management Survey’ by Dr. Yamashita

◾’FMU’s Vision for Recovery’ by Mr. Fujishima

22-24 Jul 2012 Thyroid specialists from Russia and Belarus visited FMU

Four experts on thyroid diseases from Russia and Belarus, Dr. Vladimir Saenko, Dr. Vladimir Parshin, Dr. Valentina Drozd and Dr. Larisa Danilova visited Fukushima. During the 3-day visit, they made presentations at Fukushima Medical University on thyroid diseases in the aftermath of the nuclear event at Chernobyl. They exchanged views regarding the situation with medical practitioners in Fukushima and faculty members from the Radiation Medical Science Center.


9 Jul 2012 ICRP members visited the Department of International Cooperation

Members of the ICRP, Mr. Jacques Lochard, Dr. Christopher Clement, Dr. Ohtsura Niwa, and Director of Radiation Safety Forum Dr. Junichiro Tada, visited the Department of International Cooperation and agreed on the plans for collaboration between the ICRP and Fukushima Medical University. The plans included joint satellite meetings for promotion of dialogue and human resource development and regular joint seminars for dissemination of information on the projects.