Our daily life(May 2018)

Generally, in May there are many sunny days in Fukushima prefecture and it is very pleasant to spend them outdoors.
Last weekend, the visit was to Onahama Port, located in Iwaki City.
The city is one of the biggest cities in Fukushima Prefecture.
Currently, the Iwaki city and the port have returned to its original form and are again crowded with Japanese and international tourists. The city offers variety of activities, for example, you can start the city tour visiting the fish market early morning, following by the visit to the beautiful waterfront aquarium.

If you make your way to the fish market early enough, you can taste a unique and very fresh sea urchin which will be cut and served in front of you.

In addition, we recommend you to taste a traditional meal of this country “Teishoku”, which is mackerel fish, served with rice, miso soup and radish in one of many Japanese restaurants located near the port. It is very tasty.

After traditional Japanese lunch, you can enjoy a pleasant boat ride and watch or feed seagulls or you can visit the surrounding area.

 Overall, Iwaki city and Onahama Port is a nice destination for the weekend trip with plenty of activities, which adults and children will enjoy.

Our daily life(April 2018)

These pictures of cherry blossom are typical of spring in Fukushima
People who live here or visit look forward to this time of year.
Fukushima draws people from outside the prefecture, and even international tourists come to enjoy our cherry blossoms.

Hanamiyama, literally, Flower-Viewing Mountain

Takizakura in Miharu Town

Takizakura (literally, Waterfall Cherry Tree) in Miharu Town

These pictures ware taken by Dr.Lyamzina near FMU.

Of course it is not only cherry blossoms, but also, narcissuses that let us know spring is here by showing us their bright yellow color along streets, in the mountains, and everywhere.

Our daily life ( March 2018)

It’s not so cold in Fukushima these days.
Yellow flowers make us notice that spring is just around the corner.

However, Azuma-kofuji, a small version of Mt. Fuji in Fukushima, still has a snow-capped peak.

Swans enjoy a restful winter in our Matsukawa River, but now they are getting ready say farewell to us.

They will fly north soon.




Our daily life ( December 2017)

These pictures were taken at the port of Mastukawaura, Soma
on Dec 2.
Rebuilding what was destroyed by the tsunami continues, and commercial fishing has resumed, little by little, as you can see.

A light house keeps watch over a now peaceful ocean.

Fishing boats waiting in turn to head out to sea.

Finally we can buy rock fish like willow flounder, proudly labeled as one of our local products. We are very glad to see them again!

As an extra

The Soma sea gave us this shell as a X’mas present.
Beautiful, isn’t it ?

Our daily life (October 2017)


1. Trees in the  courtyard of the Fukushima Medical University (FMU) confirm   that autumn is here.

2. The Fukushima Inari Shrine Festival is held annually in October over a 3-day weekend.

Twenty-three large lantern-packed floats wind their way through the
city center towards Inari Shrine.

Looking forward to tasting the new rice crop.