“Hell and High Water” presentations at the 59th ASH Annual Meeting in Atlanta and TIARA in Tokyo

An invited lecture about Japan’s 3.11 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis, given at the 59th ASH (American Society of Hematology) Annual Meeting in Atlanta has been adapted for general audiences and most recently presented to TIARA (Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association) in Tokyo.

The PDF file accompanying this announcement is in slides-over-notes format, with the notes under each slide approximating Prof. Kenneth Nollet’s presentation to TIARA, which was given in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, 2018 February 16 and teleconferenced around the world. The presentation to ASH, 2017 December 10, was part of a special session organized by America’s Radiation Injury Treatment Network (RITN), entitled, Hematologic Response to Mass Casualty Radiological Disasters: https://ash.confex.com/ash/2017/webprogram/Session12255.html.

Click here to download slides with notes, TIARA, 2018 February 16



The 18th Fukushima Dialogue Seminar in Yamakiya November 25 – 26, 2017

Fukushima Dialog Seminars have been held in various places in Fukushima Prefecture, with the 18th Dialogue Seminar convening in the Yamakiya district of Kawamata Town on November 26. Yamakiya is the only part of Kawamata that was designated as an evacuation zone. The program included a field tour on 25th, which showed participants an interim storage area for contaminated soil, counterbalanced by emerging enterprises such as a flower farm and a primary school preparing to re-open. This dialogue was intended to share the current situation in Yamakiya since the lifting of evacuation orders on 31 March of this year.

On the 26th, the formal dialogue started with opening remarks by representatives of ICRP and Ethos of Fukushima, followed by an overview of the previous day’s field tour, including many beautiful pictures of Yamakiya. The following presenters then took the floor to offer their perspectives:

-Mr.Sato, Mayor of Kawamata: Currently, 10% (270 people) have returned to Yamakiya. Kawamata town is facilitating repopulation by encouraging vendors, restaurants, etc. Route 114 has been re-opened, providing better access from Fukushima City to the Pacific coast via Kawamata.

-Prof. Kondo, Chiba University: Discussed the uniqueness of Yamakiya in terms of geological science and historical relationships between nature and people.

-Mr.Yasutaka, AIST: introduced flower farming as a way to revitalize local agriculture.

Thereafter local residents involved in agricultural theory and practice were invited to talk about their daily lives, experiences and thoughts.

Details are available at the “ETHOS IN FUKUSHIMA” website below: