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Monthly Archives: August 2017

SHAMISEN Recommendations booklet is available

Elisabeth Cardis, PhD, is research professor and Head of the Radiation Programme at ISGlobal in Barcelona. Previously she was head of the Radiation Group at the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer, where she worked for over 20 years. She obtained her PhD from the school of Public Health of the University of Washinton in 1985 and spent part of her PhD at RERF in Hiroshima (in 1982) where she studied radiation epidemiology and radiation biology.SHAMISEN_logo4
She was the founder/PI of the international “SHAMISEN” project (a reverse acronym: Nuclear Emergency Situations – Improvement of Medical And Health Surveillance). She is the author of over 240 indexed publications and served as a member of the European High Level and Expert Group on European Low Dose Risk Research, the UN Chernobyl Forum Expert Group on Health and the US National Academy of Sciences BEIR VII Committee.

“Recommendations and procedures for preparedness and health surveillance of populations affected by a radiation accident” has been released. Page 1 of booklets (English and Japanese) are as follows.

—— English version —————–

For more details on the English version, please click here.arrow32-002

—– Japanese version —————–

For more details on the Japanese version, please visit here.arrow32-002


The Radiation Medical Science Center accepts individual and institutional donations to carry out its public outreach, research projects in the field of low dose radiation effects on human health, and education programs for Disaster and Radiation Emergency Medicine, with the hope of improving the health of Fukushima residents.
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