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From 9.11 to 3.11 and Beyond: (Transfusion) Medicine and Amateur Radio


2016-05-20 TIARA


The 20 May 2016 Power Point presentation by Kenneth Nollet to members and guests of the Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association (TIARA, http://www.qsl.net/7j1yaa/) is now available. “From 9.11 to 3.11 and Beyond: (Transfusion) Medicine and Amateur Radio” describes how licensed Amateur Radio operators provide emergency communication in support of medical care, including transfusion medicine, during disasters. A similar presentation was made to the Medical Amateur Radio Society of Japan, which convened its 40th general meeting in Fukushima on 23 April. As with Ken’s previous presentations, this one is published in slide-over-note format, with notes approximating what was said with each slide. The third-from-last slide includes a bibliography of relevant publications.


3.11 and Beyond: (Transfusion) Medicine and Amateur Radio


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