11-12 May 2015 Prof. Elisabeth Cardis of CREAL visited FMU

Prof. Elisabeth Cardis, an epidemiologist and head of the Radiation Programme at the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL, http://www.creal.cat/en_index.html) in Barcelona, visited FMU to explain the SHAMISEN project she is developing and to solicit FMU’s participation.

The shamisen is a traditional Japanese musical instrument with three strings. SHAMISEN is a reverse acronym for Nuclear Emergency Situations – Improvement of Medical and Health Surveillance.

On May 11th, Dr. Cardis spoke to a diverse FMU audience about the Chernobyl accident and related research. Her slides are here.

On May 12th, she spoke in detail about the SHAMISEN project. It is to be funded by the EU through its Open Project for the European Radiation Research Area (OPERRA). The objective is to develop recommendations for medical and health surveillance of populations affected by previous and future accidents. Shamisen brings together a team of researchers from 18 institutions in Europe and Japan with complementary experience and a long record of accident management, dosimetry, radiation protection, medical follow-up and screening, population health surveillance, health economics, epidemiology, ethics and the sociology of radiation protection. Recommendations will be disseminated to decision makers and radiation protection authorities for translation into strategy and policy, as well as to scientific, medical and non-expert audiences. FMU has agreed to join the SHAMISEN project.

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