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10-11 Mar 2015 KIRAMS and WHO co-sponsor “Medical Preparedness and Response to Radiation Emergencies” in Seoul, ROK

The Korea Institute of Radiation and Medical Science (KIRAMS), with co-sponsorship from the World Health Organization (WHO), sponsored a two-day workshop, March 10-11, “Medical Preparedness and Response to Radiation Emergencies.” Delegates from Asia-Pacific countries and North America attended and made presentation.

Delegates from Fukushima Medical University included Prof. Kenneth Nollet, A/Prof. Michio Murakami (presenter), and A/Prof. Atsushi Kumagai (presenter).

Following the radiation emergencies workshop, KIRAMS hosted an “International Workshop on Radiation Monitoring and Dosimetry” on March 12, with many of the same international delegates, and additional participation from around Korea.



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