16 Feb 2015 ICRP Seminar Convened

Following the exchange of the memorandum between FMU and ICRP on February 19 of 2014, a series of lectures are given at FMU. On 16 February 2015, the 3rd ICRP lecture was given by Mr. Jacques Lochard, the vice chair of ICRP and Dr. Michiaki Kai, the Committee Four member of ICRP.

Dr. Kai, of the Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences, introduced the ICRP System of Radiation Protection. He talked the historical development of the ICRP RP System in which he detailed the RP concept of the early 1900 time focusing on the prevention of the deterministic effect to be replaced by the linear non-threshold model of radiation risk. He also explained the rational behind some of the protection values such as 100 mSv, 100 mSv/year, 20 mSv/year, and 1 mSv/year in the context of different situations.

Dr. Kai’s presentation material is here.

Mr. Jacques Lochard, of the non-profit CEPN in France, was the 2nd presenter, speaking on “The role of experts in post nuclear accident rehabilitation: the co-expertise process.” He described his experience in Belarus around early 1990 in which experts gradually gained the trust of local people in the area affected by the Chernobyl accident and engaged them in the rehabilitation of their living circumstances. He also explained his experience in Fukushima.

He concluded his talk by the followings:

◾The Chernobyl and Fukushima experiences demonstrate that it is feasible to engage affected populations in a co-expertise process.
◾Dialogue to hear the concerns of people and to exchange experiences is essential to initiate the process and progressively develop a practical radiological protection culture among the people.
◾In this process the role of experts is to serve local actors and to facilitate the development of their ability to assess and manage their own situation (self-help protection). Experts must shift from the explanation of phenomena to the resolution of problems together with the affected people.

Mr. Lochard’s presentation material is here.