1-5 Dec 2014 FMU-IAEA Consultancy Meeting

Fukushima Medical University (FMU) and IAEA agreed to conduct 3 projects in 2012. The 1st one is NA9/16: Enhancing radiation medicine education by building capacity of health professionals and medical students. The 2nd one is NA9/17: Strengthening research co-operation in radiation disaster medicine including post-traumatic stress disorders. And the 3rd one is NA/21: Development of a specific training package for medical radiation physicists in support of nuclear or radiological emergency situations.

An FMU-IAEA Consultancy Meeting was held 1-5 December to review NA9/16 and NA9/17 project activities implemented in 2013-2014 and to debate over the draft textbooks authored by the Science, Technology and Society (STS) specialists who participated in these programs. FMU & IAEA will add necessary content to them from the viewpoint of a disaster-stricken area, for publication in both English and Japanese, to advance radiation medicine education around the world.


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