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13 Nov 2014 Dr. Weiss and Dr. Yasuda from UNSCEAR visited FMU to discuss children’s thyroid screening and other health survey results

Dr. Wolfgang Weiss and Dr. Hiroshi Yasuda from UNSCEAR visited FMU on 13 November 2014. This informal visit followed an UNSCEAR workshop held the previous night at Fukushima University, just a few kilometers from our campus.


FMU staff spoke about several topics related to the Fukushima Health Management Survey. General remarks from Prof. Ohto and Prof. Yasumura were followed by details about the Basic Survey from Dr. Ishikawa and a PowerPoint presentation by Prof. Nollet on baseline results of the Thyroid Ultrasound Examination program.

Click here to view Dr. Nollet’s PowerPoint presentation.

Dr. Weiss talked about UNSCEAR’s plans for the future, including their willingness to impartially analyze data that FMU and other institutions publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals, with the intend of making comprehensive and widely accessible reports to the world every few years.



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