14 Oct 2014 Dr. Gerry Thomas from UK visited FMU

Dr. Gerry Thomas, Professor of Molecular Pathology at Imperial College London, directs the Chernobyl Tissue Bank. She and Ms. Naomi Cowan from the British Embassy in Tokyo visited FMU on October 14th, as promised on Prof. Thomas’ previous visit to Fukushima in August.

She exchanged views on our Thyroid Ultrasound Examination (TUE) program with FMU doctors. After that we held an informal seminar. Dr. Thomas made a presentation on the Chernobyl Tissue Bank. From FMU, Prof. Kenneth Nollet introduced the Fukushima Health Management Survey, followed by detailed results of TUE by Prof. Shinichi Suzuki and a presentation by A/Prof. Akiko Yagi on mental health issues after 3.11.

To view the slides of Dr. Thomas, click here.

To view the slides of Dr. Nollet, click here.

To view the slides of Dr. Suzuki, click here.

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