17-21 Aug 2014 20th IEA World Congress of Epidemiology

Dr. Seiji YASUMURA of FMU introduced the Fukushima Health Management Survey to delegates of the 20th IEA World Congress of Epidemiology held in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, 17-21 August 2014. As many epidemiologists around the world are interested in the health of Fukushima residents since the nuclear accident, this poster attracted a lot of attention and spirited discussion.

Presentation Material

5 Aug 2014 Director of Chernobyl Tissue Bank visited FMU

Dr. Gerry Thomas, Director, Chernobyl Tissue Bank and Lady Barbara Judge from United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority visited Fukushima and stopped by at FMU to have exchanges with research staff of the university. At the meeting, Dr. Thomas introduced what Chernobyl Tissue Bank is and how it works. From FMU side, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki explained the Thyroid Ultrasound Examination. Drs. Yasumura, Waguri, Sakai, and Niwa of FMU joined the meeting as well. Dr. Thomas and the members of FMU exchanged views on the outcome of the ongoing examination in Fukushima.

The meeting was very informative and Dr. Gerry Thomas told that she would come to Fukushima in October again. We decided to meet her again then.

1-21 Aug 2014 Minnesota institutions and individuals hosted FMU visit

Healthcare institutions and professional colleagues in Minnesota welcomed an academic visit from FMU’s Prof. Kenneth Nollet in August. Host institutions included Memorial Blood Centers, Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota, and Hennepin County Medical Center. This visit was an opportunity to deepen cooperative ties and discuss topics of mutual interest, including blood banking and transfusion practices in normal times and during disasters, radiation emergency medicine, and Fukushima’s recovery from Japan’s 3.11 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.

Two presentations, representative of this academic exchange, can be downloaded and printed as-is for personal scholarship and non-commercial educational activities in accordance with “fair use” copyright and other applicable laws. The notes under each slide are close to what was said.

5 August 2014, Memorial Blood Centers, St. Paul (with teleconference participation from Duluth and Omaha): “Memorial in the Middle: A 10,000 Lakes’ Reflection on Power, Planning, & Preparedness.”
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14 August 2014, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis “Post-3.11 Fukushima through Minnesota Eyes.”
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