13 Jun 2014 TIARA (Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association) hosted a presentation from FMU

The Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association (TIARA) hosted a presentation by Kenneth Nollet, MD, PhD, entitled, “An Amateur’s Perspective on Japan’s 3.11 Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Crisis.”

Governments around the world recognize the Amateur Radio Service for its ability to promote international goodwill at all times, and to provide emergency communications in times of crisis, when conventional communication channels are damaged or overloaded. TIARA, founded in 1972, is a forum for Amateur Radio operators of all nationalities who live in Tokyo or have a special interest in Japan. TIARA members from around the world attended in person and via teleconference, with lively Q&A after the presentation.

Dr. Nollet’s slides and associated notes from this presentation can be downloaded and printed as-is for personal scholarship and non-commercial educational activities in accordance with “fair use” copyright and other applicable laws. The notes under each slide are close to what was said during the presentation. Material has been added or edited for clarity and to accommodate a broader audience.

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