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26-28 Mar 2014 FMU represented at TransFuse in Phoenix, Arizona

Fukushima Medical University participated in TransFuse 2014 with a conference presentation by Dr. Kenneth E. Nollet, “Transfusion under Triple Threat: Blood Management Following Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis.” TransFuse is an annual meeting about innovative patient blood management, hosted by Mayo Clinic with the cooperation of AABB, Hartford Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, and Loyola University Chicago.

Click here to view Dr. Nollet’s presentation. The words under each slide are an approximate transcript of what he said.


The Radiation Medical Science Center accepts individual and institutional donations to carry out its public outreach, research projects in the field of low dose radiation effects on human health, and education programs for Disaster and Radiation Emergency Medicine, with the hope of improving the health of Fukushima residents.
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