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Monthly Archives: October 2013

20-22 Oct 2013 World Health Summit (WHS) convened in Berlin with FMU participation

The M8 Alliance World Health Summit (www.worldhealthsummit.org) convened in Berlin 20-22 October 2013. A workshop entitled “Community Engagement and Responsibilities of Medical Universities” was chaired by Monash University Deputy Dean Ben CANNY and FMU Vice President Shunichi FUKUHARA. Dr. Kenneth E. NOLLET presented “Town and Gown, Professor and Prefecture: Fukushima Medical University’s Response to the 3.11 Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Crisis” to an international audience.

Town and Gown, Professor and Prefecture: Fukushima Medical University’s Response to the 3.11 Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Crisis

Kenneth E. NOLLET, MD, PhD

In the M8 Alliance meeting that preceded the World Health Summit, it was agreed that the 2015 WHS Regional Meeting would convene at Kyoto University, Japan’s principle M8 Alliance member. M8 members expressed considerable interest in visiting Fukushima after the Kyoto meeting.

17 Oct 2013 The First IARC-FMU Joint Workshop successfully concluded

On 17 October, FMU hosted jointly a workshop with the International Agency for Research on Cancer as well as Danish Cancer Society, IARC’s collaborating institute to seek possibilities of future collaborative studies in radiation epidemiology at Fukushima Medical University. The delegates, led by Dr Joachim Schüz, included Drs Ausra Kesminiene, Isabelle Thierry-Chef, Isabelle Deltour, Sara Schonfeld, and Pernille Envold Bidstrup. Joined by FMU Vice-Presidents Masafumi Abe, MD PhD and Shunichi Yamashita, MD PhD and the Dean Hitoshi Ohto, MD PhD, the workshop brought together around 30 scientists and stakeholders from IARC and FMU. Each presentation by IARC and FMU faculty members was followed by a lively discussion regarding mental health, dosimetry and radiation and health.

FMU and IARC intend to conduct more workshops and events that will encourage further collaborative studies.


16 Oct 2013 Special Seminar by Dr Joachim Schüz of IARC

With over 80 participants, a special lecture organized by Fukushima Medical Association in cooperation with Radiation Medical Science Center for the Fukushima Health Management Survey was concluded with a great success. Dr. Schüz, Head of Section of Environment and Radiation at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, presented a lecture on the principles and immediate effects of cancer screening at the Fukushima Medical Association Headquarters.


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