12 Aug 2013 A delegation from USC and Green Cross visited FMU

FMU welcomed two delegates from University of Southern California (USC) and two from the International Green Cross on 12 August 2013. USC Professor Jonathan Samet, MD, MS, and his research associate Sonny Patel, MPH, have been cooperating with Green Cross representatives Nathalie Gysi and Maria Vitagliano, MIC, MA, to study long-term mental health and well-being following the Chernobyl nuclear accident of 1986.

On their visit, the delegation toured FMU’s Hikarigaoka campus with Dr. Arifumi Hasegawa and learned about our disaster response efforts since 11 March 2011.

Prof. Samet, the director of USC Institute for Global Health, made a presentation on the research he has conducted. Ms. Vitagliano, International Program Director for Social and Medical Care, then explained the work of Green Cross in Chernobyl.

After the presentations, the group exchanged information with FMU faculty and staff.

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