8 Jul 2013 FMU-ICRP Informal Meeting successfully concluded

An FMU-ICRP Informal Meeting was held 8 July on the FMU Hikarigaoka campus. Nine delegates from ICRP, including 2 Belarussians, and 1 delegate from OECD joined the meeting.
FMU Vice President Shunichi Yamashita welcomed guests, after which ICRP Scientific Secretary Christopher Clement gave a greeting.
Thereafter, Dr. Jacques Lochard presented “Application of ICRP System of Radiological Protection to Fukushima” followed by questions and answers.
Prof. Akira Ohtsuru of FMU then gave a presentation on “Fukushima Health Management Survey,” and answered questions from ICRP.
FMU’s Dr. Arifumi Hasegawa gave a presentation on “Implementing Radiological Protection in a Medical Scene” and Dr. Makoto Miyazaki spoke about medical care for evacuees. Participants openly exchanged their views and discussed pertinent health issues.



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