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About the office

The Radiation Medical Science Center of FMU was officially founded in September 2011 in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Station accident. The Center is dedicated to conducting the Fukushima Health Management Survey, which includes the Basic Survey (radiation dose estimates) and four detailed surveys: Thyroid Ultrasound Examination; Comprehensive Health Check; Mental Health & Lifestyle Survey; and Pregnancy and Birth Survey. These are to promote the health of Fukushima residents. The Center shares survey results with the local, national and global community, developing and strengthening collaboration with international research organizations and relevant institutes for radiation safety and protection.

The Office of International Cooperation was established in July 2012 to promote joint research programs, workshops, and seminars with local, national and international partners.

The main mandate of the Office of International Cooperation at FMU is to work with partners around the world to raise awareness of the present-day safety of Fukushima Prefecture, as confirmed in the Fukushima Health Management Survey. The OIC promotes the return of evacuated and affected populations, and welcomes cooperation with local, national, and international partners to learn from the Fukushima experience.

The OIC achieves its mission through supporting conferences,  workshops and meetings in cooperation with international organizations (IAEA, ICRP, WHO, etc.),  publications, and research  projects (EU projects and others).